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Founded in 1986, the office has designed architectural and interior/industrial design projects throughout the United States, Italy, and England. Corporate clients have included Federated Stores, Saks Fifth Avenue, Macy's, Walt Disney Corporation, NASA, Rockwell International, Lockheed-Martin, and other commercial, institutional, retail, and residential clients. We involve the user/owner in the design process to ensure the built outcome meets or exceeds their expectations.

ARCHITECTURE + INTERIOR DESIGN - The greatest architecture - whether unknown or internationally famous - is created by three parties functioning in mutual, leadership roles: a visionary client, a creative and knowledgeable architect and a gifted contractor. Through constant communication, coordination and flexibility, they bring into existence that which might otherwise have been ordinary; "good enough" or "fine for now" and instead improve many lives, whole communities and the trajectory of the human condition itself.

If designing a corporate headquarters, a complete institutional project, a home or a bedroom addition, our commitment is to any aspect of- or full project service delivery. From preliminary feasibility studies, programming, full design development and post occupancy studies, we've engaged in challenging design projects that incorporate all these phases.

PLANNING - Participatory municipal and town planning are realms the firm has embraced and supports opportunities to improve and reinforce a community's quality of life through Smart Growth approaches, seeking to find optimal overlaps between local needs, improved environments for local and regional businesses while supporting well-tested planning theory and practice.

Since 2005, the firm has been headquartered in Chester, Vermont.




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