Founded in 1982*, the office of Claudio Veliz   Architect  PLLC, has designed architectural projects worldwide, including the United States, the Philippines, Australia, Italy, Japan and England, amongst others. It remains an agile firm with designers, technical and administrative team members able to adjust to essentially any design challenge. One-off projects are as comfortable as more conventional design commitments.

Corporate and institutional clients have included Federated Stores, Saks Fifth Avenue, Macy’s, Bloomingdale’s, Walt Disney Corporation, NASA, Rockwell International, Lockheed-Martin and numerous other commercial, institutional, retail, and residential clients.

We always involve the user/owner in the design process to help ensure the built outcome addresses their requirements and desires.

We agree that the most successful architecture – whether relatively unknown or recognized internationally – is created by three parties functioning in mutually supportive roles: a client with clear needs and goals, a creative and knowledgeable architect and a communicative, capable contractor. Through constant communication, coordination and flexibility, working together they all bring into existence that which accommodates and strengthens the client’s best interests while contributing improvements to the surrounding community.

In community – urban and town – planning roles, we support Smart Growth approaches, seeking to find optimal overlaps between local needs, improved environments for local and regional businesses while applying well-tested planning theory and practice.

Since 2005, the firm has been headquartered in Chester, Vermont.


*As “Claudio Veliz Design”, then in 1985 as “Claudio Veliz   Architect”. Reg. Arch. in NY, VT.